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Decentralized Publishing Stack on Solana | Winners in the Web3 Track of the Riptide Global Hackathon



Wordcel's Integration with Cardinal

Integrating with Cardinal for Twitter ID VerificationREAD MORE

Wordcel August Recap

A look back at our redesign, new features, giveaways and much moreREAD MORE

Wordcel x CrowdPad

Announcing our partnership with CrowdPadREAD MORE

Announcing Round 2 of the Wordcel x Bonfida Giveaway!

Over the last 2 weeks, we've been running an SNS domain and a Wordcel Invite giveaway with our friends at Bonfida.READ MORE

Your Project on Wordcel

Opening applications for Solana Projects to host their communications on WordcelREAD MORE

Introducing Twitter Imports

You can now import your Twitter Threads into your Wordcel drafts within a minuteREAD MORE

Wordcel's Integration with Concise Labs

Integrating with Concise Labs for our Data InfrastructureREAD MORE

Wordcel x Bonfida Giveaway

We're giving away upto 30 SNS domains to the best writers in the ecosystemREAD MORE

Wordcel Reimagined

Introducing Wordcel in its New and Improved AvatarREAD MORE

Wordcel integrates with Dialect

Announcing our integration with Dialect for all notifications and subscriptions on our protocolREAD MORE

Wordcel x Taksh

Wordcel partners up with TakshREAD MORE

Wordcel x Capx

Wordcel partners up with CapxREAD MORE

Wordcel x Fact Protocol

Wordcel partners up with Fact ProtocolREAD MORE

Wordcel x MetaPassHQ

Wordcel partners up with MetaPassREAD MORE

Wordcel is On-Chain via Bundlr

Announcing our integration with Bundlr to permanently store our data on Arweave via Bundlr.READ MORE

Introducing Image Galleries

We have been chewing a lot of glass lately at the Wordcel HQ and we have something very cool to show for it.READ MORE

Wordcel x cypher

Wordcel partners up with cypher protocolREAD MORE

Dismantling Discourse Part 2: Rebuilding the Tower of Babel

The story of the dismantling of public discourse by the media has played out in front of us. But what comes next?READ MORE

Wordcel x Squads Protocol

Wordcel partners up with SquadsREAD MORE

Wordcel Week in Review #3

Looking back at what all happened during the past week in the WordcelverseREAD MORE

Dismantling Discourse Part 1: Manufacturing Consent

The progressive deterioration of public discourse has marked the past decade with the emergence of social media. The story, however, goes way back.READ MORE

Wordcel x Solvent Protocol

Wordcel partners up with Solvent ProtocolREAD MORE

Wordcel x marginfi

Announcing Wordcel's partnership with marginfiREAD MORE

Wordcel x Bonfida

Wordcel's partnership with Bonfida takes flightREAD MORE

Wordcel Week in Review #1

Looking back at what all happened during the past week in the WordcelverseREAD MORE

Introducing Wordcel

For the individual who wants to be the Media HouseREAD MORE

Social Sovereignty | Chapter 1

"While the God-fearing Man does not steal due to the threat of eternal punishment and the State-fearing Man does not steal due to the threat of legal action, the Networked Man does not steal because the encrypted Network...READ MORE

State of Decentralized Social Graphs and Creator Economy Projects Deep Dive

To be truly sovereign in the Information Age as a creator means to have complete ownership over your content, its distribution and its monetization as well. This is now possible because of web3 as it has now made it poss...READ MORE


Welcome to Wordcel's Genesis Blog.READ MORE