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Invited by Kunal Bagaria

The Dialect Mobile App is Live 🎉

Introducing: NFT CHAT STICKERS, a new way to own your voice in web3.Download Dialectto join the in-app waitlist and claim your genesis NFT Sticker Pack byMarculino.READ MORE

Meet Dialect Smart Messages

We got started on Dialect with the belief that blockchain will eat the internet, that web3 would create new kinds of experiences not possible in web2, and that messaging would be no exception.READ MORE

Q3 Recap

We had a busy Q3. After obsessing for months over creating dev tooling that is straightforward and easy to use, 12 new partners integrated us since June, and several other announce upcoming integrations across both Solan...READ MORE

Introducing Creator Tools

We’re excited to announce that Subscribe, the first of our open-source Creator Tools, is live!READ MORE