Wordcel Service Update

We'd like to inform our users that Wordcel and the Gum team are winding down operations. Kindly head to your dashboard for details regarding the migration process and further details. Your trust and support have been invaluable to us. Thank you.

The future of web3
| blogging on Solana

Wordcel is a web3 blogging platform for creators to publish decentralised, censorship-resistant content and get paid for it.


Off the press

So why should you blog on Wordcel?

Truly own your content

Wordcel allows you to blog and distribute your content with complete ownership.


Wordcel is powered by Gum - An open source protocol for building sticky consumer apps

Seamless UX

Wordcel offers a carefully iterated world-class reading and blogging experience.


Seamless editing like never before

Wordcel’s editor offers a world-class editing experience that is fast, intuitive and easy to use


Tipping powered by crypto

Send and recieve tips on-chain in USDC using our built-in tipping feature


Decentralised & an open-social graph

A fully composable and programmble social graph where users own their content and can take it anywhere